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How do you get past the interview mental block?

Had an interview today that required me to design a data structure with certain characteristics. It wasn't terribly hard, but I stumbled several times and needed several hints. I just felt like my brain didn't work.

In hindsight I would have had no problem completing the assignment in the given amount of time if I had nobody looking over my shoulder.

This isn't my first time interviewing, and this is not my first time having this happen. It seems to happen every nearly interview. How do you get past it?

BookitSoftware Engineerย atย Booking.com2 years ago
The best way to get past this is mock interviews and start with companies you care less about failing the interview, get that confidence and then you'll see the magic happens
anonymoususernameSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
Well, I guess I just need to put in the time then. I got Word Ladder (Leetcode 127) this morning, and even though I solved it last week, the interviewer's response today was "I'm not convinced your solution will work" lol. I guess it's a good thing it wasn't my target company.



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