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DevOps Engineer at SAPa year ago

1on1 with line manager


I am working for a company where organizational changes are a common thing. After my role changed from a Product Support Engineer to a DevOps engineer my line manager changed 4 times (in one year period). In Product Support, I had reoccurring, once-a-month meetings with my manager where we discussed KPIs and my personal goals but after my job profile changed I didn't have such meetings. Now my new manager asked me to schedule reoccurring meetings with the frequency of my choice and since I do not have experience in such meetings at the development department I would like to get a general overview of this topic by asking you a few questions: how those meetings look like in your company? How often do you have such meetings? What you are discussing there? Does your manager manages only people from your team or do have a more distributed scope?
If you have any advice on this topic I am more than happy to hear them all.
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adaosounData Science Manager a year ago
typical things to discuss- 30, 60, 90 day goals. then I would look at 6 months, a year+. High level projects that ge visbility at the company. your manager should be a sponsor for you in meetings with other leadership. aka, they vouch for you