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Computer Science a year ago

Should I reneg Microsoft PM to join Google APM?

For context, I am a returning Microsoft PM intern for next summer and I signed my return offer in September. Nonetheless, I applied to the Google APM internship and also go the offer recently.

I really enjoy my team, culture, and work at Microsoft. However, Google APM is supposedly the more “prestigious” position in the tech industry.

So I’m torn. Should I reneg a great situation at Microsoft for the possibility of something better as a Google APM? Lmk what y’all think.
charredoakProduct Manager a year ago
while I can't comment on Google, my first thought is this is a "grass is greener on the other side" scenario. You enjoy what you do at Microsoft. You are considering leaving it for something possibly more prestigious - not something you'd enjoy more. Ask yourself what is your greater priority - prestige or satisfaction.
SlabData Scientist a year ago
Agreed. If OP is in their final year then it might be worth exploring who they’d want a return offer from as well.



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