woodyinhw in  
Software Engineer 24 days ago

First time to work remotely

I'm from Egypt, I'm software engineer working in java, spring boot, hibernate, mysql, redis I'm good at algorithms , data structures and I want to ask about something. I got a job offer to work remoltey with a company in asia and it's the first time for me but I have some concerns about how should I negotiate about my salary what coud be the average salary for a 1 year backend engineer? and what about taxes? They told me to extract a document clled rc in Egypt also they told that I will sign an one year as a conractor and it will be renewed yearly.

what should be the minimum package i can accept in usd.

madscienceSoftware Engineer 21 days ago
It's almost impossible to give a good range because we don't know any details about your company or how the contracting situation works out, but I'd probably expect between $70-$80k USD annually for that type of role. I'm not super familiar with Egypt or Asian comp though, so I could be off a bit