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Computer Scienceย 6 months ago

Is my Internship marketable

Current SWE Intern at BOA, want to transition to big tech mostly Pinterest, Meta, Google and the likes..

I want complete transparency and no sugar coating, in your honest opinion is this experience marketable? And i know it would be team specific and what I accomplish specifically that would make me marketable, but I am talking holistically would previous experience at a place like BOA me reputable?
bringeeRecruiterย 6 months ago
It absolutely is marketable! I've recruited for plenty of SWE roles and experience like that is definitely applicable. Even if it's not explicitly in the same industry fully, it's still valuable work experience and you can market the intangibles, like how you work with people, peers, cross functionally across teams, etc. etc.
cyanComputer Scienceย 6 months ago
Thank you so much!!



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