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Product Designer a year ago

NYC transparency law is a joke

Why even bother to show the salary range at this point?

EX: Amazon’s salary range for a Senior UX Designer is $115,000 to $224,000, a difference of $109,000 or 49% of the max salary.

How can you effectively negotiate a fair and equitable salary when the range is this absurd?

C9ufoIUoIPJcTechnical Recruiter a year ago
The downfall with trying to show qualifications that would separate an E4 v. E5 v. E6 for example- is that it would be nearly impossible to layout as they are not hard and fast, boxed rules. You might interview and show an E6 level in Behavior, an E5 level in Design, and an E4 level in Coding. You might have a highly unique skill or speciality that would solve a massive problem or gap on a specific team, so from a technical standpoint thats E6 level but behaviorally and scope wise, you operate more at an E4. So the team might elect to post a range like $185-$240 to cover their bases for the right candidate.