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Financial Analyst a year ago

How do you manage life stress when you’re on the clock?

I hve friends who just compartmentalize things and im not someone who can do that. If something is happening in my personal life, itll bleed into my work life if its super stressful. Loss of a loved one, spouse loses a job and is freaking out, kids running you up a wall... How do you guys keep things separate so your performance doesnt dip? Are you just faking it until things get resolved?
BarbatosProduct Manager a year ago
My wife and I recently lost our pregnancy quite late (20 weeks) and we were expecting two boys. My manager gave me 9 paid working days off without question which helped immediately with the MENTAL aspect of it. I instantly felt like the company had my best interest at heart. But maybe also, I feel like this question is very applicable because some days after I returned, I felt fine and my thoughts were numb, and other days I couldn’t focus at all. I struggle with emotional compartmentalization, and so there were days where I’d move meetings so I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone. There were days I’d say I was sick and needed a day and my manager knew without it being said. But at the end of the day, I managed the stress of not underperforming by reminding myself that if my company is this understanding, then I should also make sure that I can give them 100% when I am working, even if that 100% isn’t the same as what it would have been 3 months prior.

Faking it is sometimes necessary, but most will see through it pretty quickly.
Kdiba926KsbKFinancial Analyst a year ago
Thank you so much for sharing that. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm grieving myself. I lost someone very important and special recently and I just feel numb. I feel lost. And I don't have many relationships at work because I dont want to feel like I HAVE to share my personal life that way. I understand letting people in helps, but I have had coworkers use other people's pain as a form of manipulation. I already have enough going through my head and my heart rn. I think more than anything, I want the sad part of this process to be over. I feel so unmotivated. Work deadlines and all that don't matter to me. I was reminded that life is short. My friend was only 31. One of the people who grinded late nights with me on assignments. Someone who I dreamed about the future with. When we made it. Now I'm just here shaking at my desk in tears knowing that the futures we dreamed up will never come to pass.