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Software Engineer 4 months ago

How to get a new job in a different tech stack with 3 years work experience

Hey all, iv been programing in c/c++, python, and bash, in a work environment. I have about 3 years total of work experience now.

However, I wanted to make a jump to a new tech stack, usually C#, with .net, or javascript.

However, every-time i apply to these jobs, i always get asked if i have related work experience, which i obviously do not. Now i believe i can do the job, because i have coded a lot in C# and .net on my personal projects, but if i'm being honest with the recruiter and tell them that i have no job experience in these programing languages. I just immediately shot down by the recruiter, and ghosted.

Now i'm just unsure what to do, i feel like i pigeon holed my self in my current tech stack, and want to break out. I mean the only other thing i can think of is just lying and saying i had experience with that tech stack at my current job.

I was wondering what you all do in this case, when today it feels like if you never had job experience in a certain tech stack you don't even get a chance, even if you been working as a software engineer.

TensorcoreSoftware Engineer 4 months ago
Just deploy a web app and try out selenium and say that you've done deployments to help automate your work tasks and manage tests in dynamic environments. Then just sell yourself as a self starter within the company that has been the defacto C#/Java guy