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Computer EngineeringΒ a month ago

Data Engineer Early Careers

Hello everyone. I'm a Masters student looking for Data Engineer early careers role. If there are any leads or anyone who can guide through applying in this space and experienced working your help would be appreciated. I look there aren't much data engineer roles for early careers, are the openings this way or is this due to current situation in tech space?

Tanush103Computer ScienceΒ atΒ University at Buffalo, State University of New Yorka month ago
Yes , it's because of the current situation. Usually Data Engineers in companies are not new grads. There are a few big companies like Amazon which hire a new grad Data Engineer. Apart from that all big tech looks for experienced Data Engineers. However Startups also look for new grad DE roles. Currently the situation for DE is very bad since there are jobs only for experienced professionals in DE . I would say if you are a fresher and looking for jobs now try for SDE Roles. The roles for de will open for new grads after 2-3 months .
MCA1603Computer EngineeringΒ atΒ Santa Clara Universitya month ago
Oh! Thanks.



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