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17 y.o. landing a job as Android Engineer

I'm an Android Engineer with 3 YOE at 17. I've recently had an interview at Lyft for the Android Engineer position and didn't pass the tech screen (3/5 completed). Also, I've recently had a tech screen at Stripe, where I completed 3/4 tasks and I got an on-site interview.

Back in my home country, when I was 14-15 and was looking for a job I successfully completed multiple job interviews, and even landed some offers, but the problem was my age, no one wanted to hire a kid.

When I got rejected by Lyft, I asked the recruiter if they would hire me, if they got to know I'm 17. She said no, but after I asked what's the problem, since legally, I can work at 17 in NY, I'm out of school, so I don't see any problem. She said she would clarify minimal age requirements and get back to me.

My question is do you believe it's possible to land a job in a top tech company at 17?

UPD: Expected graduation date - 08/2025, Computer Science BC

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Nah, not really. Just started early and was lucky enough to find some jobs, though it was difficult