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Mechanical EngineeringΒ 2 years ago

Transitioning Careers into Software Engineering

I recently graduated out of a non comp sci engineering field but want to switch careers into Software Engineering. I have been self studying for the past 8-9 months and believe I am interview ready. The problem I am facing now is that because I am a recent graduate I am no longer eligible for the university coop and internship oppertunities, and because I dont have previous relevant internship experience I am not qualified enough for a new grad role. If anyone has any advice or opportunities please let me know.
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I think you could still try to get internships as a new grad. It may depend on the company, but I've had friends who've interned after graduating and even gotten full time roles from the company they interned at. I'd apply to these internship roles anyway, you can find a lot online and even at https://levels.fyi/internships/ Also, it's super underrated to just work on your own side projects. Even something as simple as tic tac toe to get your feet wet. It'll expose you to a whole lot, and will let you pick up some of the basics for things like web dev etc.