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Software Engineerย 2 years ago

Learning-friendly higher-tier companies?

Looking at switching specialties as a mid level dev at places like Indeed, Square, etc.

Current exp is mostly in C++ apps on Linux. Big and small, but not web dev.

Want to switch into web dev at the mid level somewhere like Indeed, Twitter, Square, etc. Are any places friendly toward people who need a little time to learn company-specific tools?

Indeed recruiter mentioned 140-170k base salary for me, which is good enough if the RSUs are good, but I put them on hold because I needed to study leetcode and felt like I'd fail interviews if I wasn't skilled up on their tech stack (Java, React, etc)

herfysSoftware Engineerย 2 years ago
I'd actually say Meta is probably the most learning friendly right now, especially given they have their bootcamps and programs to upskill their employees right when they join. I'd also suggest taking a look at: Instacart, Zillow, Pinterest



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