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Machine Learning Engineer 2 years ago

Feature Request: Option of verified offer ✅

Hello Zaheer & team,
Would really appreciate if you allow people to post only real offers.

People often post fake numbers and this leads to fomo.

Please do some verification part on your end which gives green tick to offer so that people know that offer is real and not a fake number.

Also, provide option to post numbers in different currency.
zuhayeerFounder at Levels.fyi2 years ago
Hey, this is something we’re working on! We do collect verified offers today as well as self reported information. The two together can actually be really powerful, and we do plan to expose a exclusive portal for verified offer data on our site soon starting with access for members of our community (ie everyone on here). Today, we do have a newsletter where we send out verified data points along with some analysis and info which you can subscribe to at https://levels.fyi/verified/

Regarding different currencies, we actually already have that, you can check out our form at https://levels.fyi/salaries/add
19g615l3eusn2mMachine Learning Engineer at Intuit2 years ago
Sounds good 🔥