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linuxftwΒ inΒ Β 
Software EngineerΒ a year ago

Thoughts on AR / VR? Any compensation differences for engineers?

Virtual reality is getting really big and seems like FB / Meta's Reality Labs is hiring up a storm. Does anyone know if compensation is higher for these engineers now? Any estimate on how many AR / VR engineers there even are right now?
jinyung2Software EngineerΒ a year ago
from what ive noticed the main role that seems to command a higher compensation tends to be ML/AI. I think depending on the level of demand AR/VR have moving foward, we could see compensation for it growing as they compete for talent. As of now I think aside from the select few companies that were already paying well that happening to be looking for AR/VR people, there isn't a hugely noticeable difference in compensation? I dont exactly have any data to back this up though πŸ˜… just a hunch on my end