happyzebra in  
Software Engineer 2 months ago

Junior Back End SWE wanting to break 6 figures

I got my first job in tech as a back end python develper that does a lot of ETL one year ago as a self taught developer. I am looking to break into 6 figures or get very close in total compensation. Currently at $70K total compensation. I'm adding react, django, and MERN stack and more full stack projects to my portfolio. Any tips on portfolio, where to apply, and where to look for fully remote roles that fit this skill set? 
GodspeedFull Stack 2 months ago
If you have more than a year’s worth of experience at the current company and raise seems like a dream. Just jump ships, immediately you will be valued more. If thats not the case, look for certifications like cloud or online courses
happyzebraSoftware Engineer 2 months ago
Thanks and should I be looking outside of back end roles? I’m strongest in Python and PostgreSQL



Software Engineer