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Frustrated with the lack of online ME resources, I created a free site to help with technical interviews.

For the last two years, I’ve been working on a hardware engineering interview platform, which focuses on technical interview specifically for mechanical engineers as of now (more to come with EE prep, reach out if interested!).

Having worked at top tech. companies, I understand how hard it is to break through the interview process. I always found the lack of MechE interview prep resources frustrating, especially compared to our coding counterparts. This platform aims to solve that direct problem.

There’s over 120+ topics covering common interviewing questions + hardware engineering guides commonly used in industry (questions from Apple, Facebook, SpaceX, Tesla, etc.)

I figured the community here could really benefit from the tool, so I wanted to publicize here. Hoping to get feedback from engineering students on how this service could be improved and initial impressions.


Thanks! :)

(Mods, let me know if this violates any self-promotion rules and I’ll remove the post)

Hardware FYI

Hardware FYI

Mechanical engineering interviews made easy with our largest question database of hardware engineering interview questions, electrical engineering interview questions, and mechanical engineering interview questions.

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Really impressive. Nice job with this