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Electrical Engineering at University of Bristol22 days ago

No hope for British tech graduates?

I'm due to graduate with a Master's in EEE at the top of my class this year (I achieved an average of 94% in my January exams, and I have no summer exams, so I'm extremely confident of where I stand within my cohort). I have industry experience from a top summer internship, and have lots of other work experience to back that up. Yet despite this it seems the only interest I'm getting is from entry-level jobs that only require a 2:2, and there's no job opportunites to even apply for 
above that.

I spoke with a recuiter at Qualcomm, who said I have three options
  1. Do another internship
  2. Do a second Master's degree and hope the market improves in 2024
  3. Take a lower level job, and quit when the job market improves
What do you all think of this advice? It seems I'm going to have to take a salary that's less than my friends who graduated in 2022 with 2:1s and Bachelor's degrees, in some company with much fewer opportunities for development. I've worked very hard to be in the position I'm currently in, academically speaking, and it feels like I've been a schmuck and ended up in a worse positon than if I had just graduated in 2022, despite the fact I've learnt a lot in my final year. 

I'd be interested in moving to the U.S., but I find it very unlikely that an Amercian firm would want to go though the effort of hiring a foreigner when there's so much domestic talent. Is it worth applying for these roles in the U.S.? I also speak french and have an EU passport, but the European job market doesn't seem much better than the British one.

Thanks for your time and your thoughts.
errthingworld21522 days ago
EEE is so diverse. You can do software, hardware, embedded, FPGA etc.