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Software Engineer a year ago

Having a hard time choosing a bootcamp

Hello community! 

I was hoping i could get a few opinions on bootcamps. I recently got into fullstack academy and am working through the foundations self paced phase with live classes beginning soon. And its as if ive been seeing more negative or nuetral reviews about the effectivness of the bootcamp. I was wondering if anyone had any expericne with them and if you would still recommend it? 

Also ive just learned about launch school here in this community. Any one with experience with them and an opinion would also be appreciated. 
WorkRem0te2131Associate a year ago
I would recommend actually going to university for CS. Notably, not for "Software Engineering" or "IT". The opportunities are easier to come by after uni and you can't beat the access to career fairs dedicated to technology companies. From my perspective as a mid-level, people who graduate from academies tend to have.... worse overall understanding and less "passion" for this career, which is what I would argue differentiates a great vs average employee.
AnjulaComputer Science at University of Marylanda year ago
Can you elaborate on why SE would be a bad major? Just curious.

I'm undergrad SE and was planning CS for masters.



Software Engineer