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Strava referral + experience from people working there?

Hello everyone, I've been a member of the community for a couple weeks now and let me first say thanks to everyone giving advice for negotiating better pay and working conditions - especially to people just starting out.

I'm a frontend developer with 8 YOE currently working in railway sector, looking for a change.

Does anyone currently work at Strava and can share more info on working conditions, WLB, remote work, benefits, interview process? Their company culture and attitude towards work-life balance is resonating with my personal opinions, as I'm really into running, cycling and just generally spending time outdoors. I've seen some great reviews but would like to hear directly from someone working there before applying.

I'm not worried about the interviews but rather live coding sessions - I've never done those. Whenever I applied for a job in the past it was either a few rounds of interviews without any coding or just a take home coding assignment. Any tips on what to expect how the coding session for a FE engineer would look like?

Thanks a bunch!

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Have a ex-colleague that worked there and became an Eng manager. One of the best Eng I’ve ever worked with. They left now but just an anecdotal data point.



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