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Project/Program Mgmt roles in Dubai!

Hello All!, Glad to be with you here at Levels community. I'm searching for a Sr. Project/Program Mgmt role in Dubai, any referrals would be greatly appreciated. I have 25 years (USA/Canada) of experience in Financial Services technology, 8 years as software QA and 17 years in Project/Program Mgmt. Currently consulting for a major bank here in Toronto. Already have properties in Dubai and Dubai cell phone to facilitate the search and move. Best Regards!

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Any luck so far? Haven't been to Dubai but I hear is literally an oasis in the desert.
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Oluf, I spent half of this year 2022 in Dubai and spent a month in 2021..and have come to the conclusion that its the best place for me to settle down after living in USA/Canada for the past 30 years. Also, my hometown, Karachi is just 2 hour flight Dubai's like living in a suburb of Karachi :)..practically a drive away!!



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