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Human Resourcesย 2 years ago

What are the best features of a recruitment process that lead to predictive analytics?

GraceZTechnical Recruiterย 2 years ago
Features: 1. Sourcing Conversion Rates 2. Application Conversion Rates 3. Intro/Other Stages/Final Conversion rates I don't really know much about predictive analytics and I thought about this for a little while, I think from my personal perspective I look a lot at funnel metrics to determine the health of each pipeline. For me, I always want to flood the top of the funnel with candidates as quickly as possible to maximize ROI. A good rule of thumb is 20-30 quality candidates in the intro call stage to make 1 hire. Each role is unique so it's hard to gauge what tactics you need to do to acquire those 20-30 candidates in intro call stage from posting job ads, to direct sourcing to more creative routes like employer branding, etc. Anyways I'm not sure if this is answering the question but I hope some of this info is useful! As a recruiter (at least if you are a dedicated one) you will always want to look at other factors to maximize making a hire from candidate feedback, time spent in each stage and attrition rates per stage!