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Is it better to be Data Science feild or Full stack developer

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  1. I'm a masters student at the University of Texas at Arlington, before coming to USA, I had learnt Data Analytics. Now I'm in dilemma that should I need to go with Data science feild or do I need to consider full stack developer as it is to get into. I'm currently struck to which feild to study(I'm preferring to learn online) To be honest, what I heard from seniors and quora; the data science roles are really hard to get and considering the lay off's is it good to go with Data science or do I need to learn smthng new to me (MERN stack). I have no work ex.
ThirstyFlamingoData Engineerย a year ago
DS will get you more $$ and will make you a bit more recession/layoff proof. But entry is harder.
AaplicData Scientistย a year ago
I've had a nice career combining data science and strong software development skills. I think data scientists that can only analyze data (but not build solutions) are fairly vulnerable to layoffs. To that end I'd recommend pursuing data science but learning software development on the side



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