BrooklynBroke in  
Business Analyst 2 years ago

Do you consider contract or contract to hire roles?

Recruiters keep hitting me up on LinkedIn for 18-24 month contract roles or contract to hire roles. I ignore all these messages because stable employment exists for me. If I was unemployed and desperate, then I might consider, but this is my thinking, others may think differently.

What value are in contract roles? I am genuinely curious. Have you worked as a contractor and why did you choose to pursue this route? Also, I don't mean government contractor-- those are full-time positions. I mean like Signature Consultants employee contracted to work at J.P. Morgan as a software developer where he or she sits and works with actual J.P. Morgan employees.

BeauTeeNTechBusiness Analyst 2 years ago
I’ve worked as an FTE and have also done some contract work before. Contract work as a Business Analyst allowed me to get exposure to technology that my prior employer didn’t use, and to gain some experience where I was lacking. Once I got the experience I wanted/needed I was able to transition back to FTE work and at a much higher role/salary than I was at before I did contracting.