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Anyone Interested in Contact Tracking?

I've been using a google sheet I made to track contacts and communications from my different offers. I find it hard to stay on top of everyone when there's so many names floating about. Especially remembering where I know them from. (Whether they were my interviewer, HR contact, technical interviewer, etc) Does anyone else also have trouble with this and what strategies do you use?

Otkc113inSoftware Engineerย a year ago
I think its mostly discipline. Take the time and dot every i and cross every t. I mostly flag/label emails and have a google drive folder for every application I submit. Even the easy apply jobs on LinkedIn get a folder.
h7f1kPlxnSales Engineerย atย Oraclea year ago
Would also highly recommend saving every job description too if you dont already. Quick save pdf and you could always refer back to the jobs to update resumes and stuff later on by copying and pasting job descriptions. Got that advice from a recruiter friend of mine and haven't looked back



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