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ML/ AI advice for a Senior College Student

Hi All,

I hope everyone is having a great holiday.

I am an undergrad student with one year left until graduation; I know a few languages and don't have any experience in the front end or back end. I know python and took a beginner ML course.

I want to get into ML/AI, but I don't know the right path to learn. I don't know what field I want to be in.

I am using Codecademy to learn ML now. Is this a good resource? Are there better resources?

What can I do in the one year I have left to break into the field of ML/ AI?

Do I need to learn full-stack to be an ML AI engineer?

Are ML/AI engineers considered data scientists? are they SWE?


undertoneSoftware Engineer a year ago
I feel that increasingly ML/AI is breaking out into its own role outside of just SWE. And the skills are more specific to the role than to general software. More so than anything I’d work on your own projects. Try to build and fine tune your own models, and learn some of the fundamentals behind using datasets to train. Even just understanding simple logistic regression inside out will put you so much farther ahead. Just building a project and putting it out there for people to use will also inevitably develop your full stack skills as you’ll have to create something end to end. Find a friend (ideally a bit smarter and knowledgeable than you) and just work on something.



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