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Computer Science a year ago

Companies hiring new grads?

I'm a 4th year Computer Science undergrad, and had an offer to join Amazon full time upon graduation in May.  They recently rescinded the offer (they claim for just 6 months; we'll see), and I'm looking for a full time opportunity in its stead.  I know levels has a list of companies that are hiring, but it seems like almost all of them are only hiring senior engineers.  Are there any companies out there hiring new grads?
WaigongCainSoftware Engineer a year ago
Difficult to say, but there should be plenty of fintech or in other sectors besides big tech. Again, if you are looking for a job for one year I would not constrain yourself to just ‘big’ tech like FAANG or whatever. Because most of these big tech are on a hiring freeze or are laying ppl off.



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