sat0u in  
Cyber Security a year ago

Switching from tech/cyber consulting to TPM?

I have some offers to do tech consulting but am curious about an entry level offer I have as a TPM that pays more. However, I really think the experience gained as a consultant is worth doing for a few years. Thoughts? Is it easy to switch from comsulting to TPM/PM?
sourmilkTechnical Program Manager a year ago
It depends on which route you want to go. Consulting will allow you to learn a lot more about the industry and functional areas. You will gain both analytical and client engagement experience. You will also be able to play different roles depending on the projects you take on.

As an entry level TPM, you’re going to solely focus on building depth in a program involved with the specific organization. The range of experience will be much narrower. But you will build a foundation for program management.

If you can provide context on what your existing career experience is as well as interests and future goals - it may help align your decisions better.
sat0uCyber Security at The University of Texas at Dallasa year ago
My existing career experience is largely focused on cyber security, and i’m now about to graduate college with my bachelors in ITS. I feel like cyber/tech consulting will give me more exit opportunities, so that’s what i’m learning towards



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