Teddie in  
Software Engineer 11 days ago

How to switch from Servicenow Dev to Backend?

I’m currently a ServiceNow Developer at a startup, and I’d like to transition to Backend roles. I don’t see how big orgs would even let me get a chance to interview because of my current role -

Any pointers on how I go about it?

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veddbSoftware Engineer 11 days ago
In a similar situation, the best way to see if you can switch internally for a position of your interest. Gain required experience work there if you like or switch later. I was a L3 dev for a very long time and there are very few jobs available for same. But since I was good at what I did and people knew same, i went for devops position internally and now in transition to that role. It did took explaining where i was coming from and what I can offer but people are more ready to listen if you are from same company. Atleast that was my experience. Hope that helps.
TeddieSoftware Engineer 10 days ago
Thanks for the insight! Appreciate it.