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Private offices, cubicles, open layouts, coffee shops, libraries, or wfh

Where can you focus the best? To me, it's all about the potential for interruption of focus. To really get your best work done, you have to ensure you aren't going to be distracted.

I personally get the best work done at home because I have long enough stretches of time to really elaborately think through my work, and also just have my setup. But I can also understand why a coffee shop might be preferable as a) a change of environment, but also b) for the light ambient noises and a sense of not being completely alone. Just being aware others around provides a sense of comfort that can help you focus. The reason I don't prefer the office environment is that at any given time someone could come up to you and start talking or interrupt what you're doing, something that you wouldn't expect even at a coffee shop since you don't know anyone there.

Curious what other people's thoughts on this are.

TheMountainSoftware Engineer  
I used to love the idea of coffee shops but I think I'm romanticizing the idea of Korean coffee shops. I think Starbucks are kinda loud now and there is also the issue of homelessness (I'm in NYC). I like the mix of being in office and home. Being in office means fewer distractions.
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What's special about Korean coffee shops?