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Amended Offer - red flag?

A German Unicorn gave me a written pre-offer before a trial day (where you have to take a day off to work for them), after the day I very quickly received the feedback that they've identified areas where I need to improve/learning, and that they would really like to hire me (verbal final offer with the pre-offer compensation).

I told them I have a few other offers on the way, e.g. from FAANG, so I wanted 1-2 weeks to think about where I'd like to go next.

Today, less than one week after the verbal offer, they amended the offer and reduced total comp. by 4k€/$, telling me I'd need another 6-12 months to get to the level for the +4k€/$.

Is this a clear red flag? I've never experienced this before.

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That's kinda weird. These types of offers are called exploding offers. I've never seen a company that actually reduces the offer if the candidate doesn't move forward as quick as they would like. Honestly, unless you really like the company or don't have another option, I'd stay away.



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