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What happenes in Hiring Committee Round of the Google interview?

Recently I applied for Software Engineer II role at Google (India). I gave TPS (Phone Screening) round followed by On-site Interview and Googliness rounds. All my interviews went good and I felt confident. My recruiter scheduled an team fitment round which also went good and I liked the team that I interviewed for.

Post all interviews, my recruiter informed me she needs to get couple of approvals (HC round) before she can roll out an offer. She mentioned it would take few days. However it's been more than 10 since I last heard from her.

Is this normal for Hiring Committee decision to take so long? 
Should I consider I didn't make it in?
Is there a way to know feedback?

The HC decided not to proceed with the profile, as during one of the coding interview I did not complete coding of follow up question. The cool off period was decided to be 18 months. I was seriously disappointed with the reasoning but there is nothing we could do to change it.
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10 days is pretty long if all the recruiter needed was to get the Hiring Committee approval. I would definitely reach out to follow up. Google does a “blind” committee style final approval to try to eliminate bias. The Hiring manager’s feedback and the interview loop go in front of a committee of a few folks who don’t know the detail of your name, race, sex, etc and who likely aren’t even ion the same team. The theory is this blind committee makes the final hire and at what level decision. Depending on the team, they meat at least once per week if not more.
Don’t worry though, taking this long doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t get an offer, sometime vacations or a backlog of candidates for other roles push your decision out. At 10 days though, you’re fully empowered to check in with the recruiter and ask for a status update. What’s awesome is you’re not even done at that point. If you do get the green light from the Hiring Committee, they’ll tell you and then they’ll send you off to the Compensation committee…. Google is not a fast hiring company…
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Yeah this is exactly how I've heard it works from some of my colleagues who work there as well. Definitely check in with your recruiter for an update OP!



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