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Is stubhub a hire/fire company like rippling?

I was at rippling earlier and I feel like I got overleveled as an L7 engineer. I had one task take longer than it should have due to some issues with some api libraries not working as expected, and a big project I was working on had to go through multiple design iterations in order to get the correctness right, but they wanted it done very quickly and I got a notice that I was underperforming at around the 2.5 month mark.

I'm currently interviewing with stubhub for a SWE2 position (I have 5yoe).

I definitely don't feel confident enough to join any company as senior at the moment. How is stubhub in terms of hire/fire, do they fire a lot of ppl? They are one of the few companies hiring SWE2, but I'm scared about getting in the same situation as rippling.

I've noticied some similarities between the two companies:

-stock heavy comp with a 1 year cliff, seems like companies do this so they can get rid of people before the cliff so that they

-there are a few folks on blind saying stubhub is hire/fire culture, although not nearly as many as people said for rippling

-there are other ppl disagreeing with the above point on blind, similar to how it happens for amazon and rippling. It seems like whenever theres a company with a high rate of PIP/hiring/firing, theres always kool aid drinkers saying that it's not that bad, but despite that theres also ppl who get affected by it :(

If anyone here is at stubhub and/or rippling that can speak to this, please let me know. What kind of companies do you guys suggest I target in the current market? I am trying to find something that doesnt fire as much

madscienceSoftware Engineerย a year ago
Not sure about Stubhub specifically (though anecdotally, I've heard pretty good things about it), but this would be a great opportunity to ask interviewers/recruiters there about the culture and the hiring/firing. Ask questions about the performance review process, how raises/promos work, etc. Their answers should tell you whether they're inclined to hire/fire.
texastoastSoftware Engineerย a year ago
How can I ask these questions without sounding like I'm super worried about perf reviews? Cause if I give that impression, they may think I'm incompetent right?



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