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Yahoo! Referral

Hello & Happy Saturday! 

Recently applied to a product management role at Yahoo! & looking for someone who could refer me + speak on their experience at the company in general.

Thank you in advance! 
xheliumProduct Designer at Apple 
Formerly worked there. My experience was great! Some thoughts- Believe it or not, Yahoo is still one of the biggest web services out there. After Google and Facebook, Yahoo serves the most number of requests from users. Over 4 billion requests a day. In terms of "big tech" experience, this is where it's at. Exposure to top notch technologies: Yahoo is a technology company. You'll get exposed to a variety of new and cutting edge stuff. Work and personal life balance can be challenging but you really don't have to worry about it because everyone understands that life comes first. It's a core value at the company to respect people and their time unlike FAANG and consulting. Pay is great. You won't find anyone complaining about their pay as far as I'm concerned. A nice mix of comp, culture, and people. Yahoo hires smart people. Did you know that the creator of php and JSON were ex-Yahoos? TLDR: Good luck and I hope you get the job. You'll love it!
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