Angel Pichardo in  
UX Designer 2 years ago

I’m a minority & I need help

Hey my name is angel and i am a first generation mexican American to be born and raised in the states....i was wondering where i can get a job with 0 work experience but been designing since high school, i dont have any offical work experience but i have been working in construction since i was 13 so im no stranger when it comes to work and i have no college degree just high school....i just need an opportunity to demonstrate what i can do ... so my question is where do i apply, start-up? How do i find it? Do minority have like assistance to get into tech?
PaneOfGlassProduct Designer 2 years ago
Once you have a decent portfolio, you should cold reach out to as many recruiters as you can via LinkedIn and using tools like Honestly just becomes a volume game, you're bound to land something if you just keep persistent. First few interviews or calls will be practice for your next ones. Just get the ball rolling!



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