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Salary ranges are a mess

I'm curious if people are going through the wringer with the salary ranges being adjusted almost monthly.

The zones (a/b/c), for example, are completely inaccurate. New real estate and cost of living data show the most expensive places to live (on top of SF/NYC) now, including Boston, Miami, and Seattle, and they still won't raise the comp ranges to match it. What is wild to me is that some companies have the bandwidth to push the range up to match these locations but won't unless you're in SF/NYC.

Average rent in Boston is now the same as San Jose, CA --- but the average salary from SWE/PD/PM is 30-45% less.

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A lot of it has to do with talent market. NYC/SF have a lot more tech workers in general, so companies have to pay more to stay competitive. They don't really care about the cost of living in the area, they just care about the bare minimum they have to pay to stay competitive in a geographic region. Some companies are starting to see Seattle as being in the same tier as NYC/SF, but a lot of companies are still holding off for as long as they can.
In my last company, I raised similar concerns in that my COL is still relatively high and very comparable to the Bay Area, but I was rebutted with the fact that the tiers were not based off of COL, unfortunately. Most companies purport for talent market, which is both harder to dispute and noticeable that the talent migration to lower COL cities like Austin should’ve certainly upgraded their tiered grouping as well. All in all, this is why you’d want to work for companies that take a more common sense approach towards talent retention and compensation.

I’d never consider Miami as a tech hub commensurate with Seattle or Boston, but COL should be seriously considered as well in the end.