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JP Morgan written offer

Does anyone in the UK know how long it takes between getting a verbal offer and a written one? Also, how much scope is there for negotiation if the written one comes through.
This is for a Lead DevOps engineer role
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I'm not sure about JPMC/UK process specifically, but a lot of recruiters and companies won't give you an official written offer until you agree on a compensation and it sounds like you're going to accept it. So you should generally try to do all the negotiations during the verbal offer part and then, once you agree on a number, they should be able to draft up the written offer within a few days. YMMV
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Thanks for your reply. You're right in that that's the way it should be but the HR person I was speaking to just said I'd get you an offer ASAP which was really curious so I just assumed it's a JP Morgan thing.
Anyway I'll wait to hear back.
Thanks again.