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Computer Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispoa year ago

Got a job offer at ASML then 4 weeks later was told they could only offer a contract (UPDATE)


I sent another follow-up like 1/25 or so and haven't heard back since. I guess recruiters can even ghost post-offer now.

UPDATE 1/16:

Per advice I asked the recruiter for the contract and also sent a follow-up a few days after. Its been a few days since the follow-up and no response. 

I'm a new grad from Cal Poly SLO and I got an offer at ASML which I was really stoked about as there were many interview rounds and technical questions. I was told they were having some "administrative delays" but would get the official offer soon. That was 4 weeks ago. I did a lot of follow ups and finally got a phone call just today where I was told they still wanted me but their headcount was rejected so they could only offer me a 6-12 mo. contract, then hopefully hire me after that. 

I'm not really sure I buy the reasoning and needless to say I'm disappointed. The recruiter said taking the contract wouldn't guarantee full-time after, and when I asked about salary, I didn't get an answer but got the feeling that it and the benefits wouldn't be as good. 

Does anyone have insight on contracting for ASML or this whole headcount thing? I really don't want to work for a year not knowing my employment status. 

bringeeRecruiter a year ago
I can't speak specifically to ASML, but I wouldn't necessarily doubt that they can only offer a contract position at this point. It definitely is a shady process, but from a recruiting perspective, my guess is they had the headcount open and then an update came through during your interview process which caused them to have to change things up and re-org, resulting in your full time role being eliminated and only a contract position available. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much you can do at this stage to push for the full time offer (though I would still definitely try). Your best leverage is walking away from the offer, but if you can't do that and have to accept the offer, I'd suggest doing so while continuing to look for other work. If you end up getting a full time offer from another company, ASML can't be surprised that you're willing to jump ship after what they pulled.
virxComputer Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispoa year ago
Thx for the advice! The recruiter said the headcount process takes 6-12 months so I wouldn’t get full-time for a while assuming a spot opens up in the first place.

If the contract is what I expect I’ll take your advice and tell them I really only can accept a full-time offer. I’ll continue working part-time (college job) and fire up LeetCode again in the meantime…



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