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DevOps Engineerย 2 years ago

Software / DevOps Engineer Wanting To Transition to Product

Hey everyone, ive always wanted to get into product management, and have been applying to hundreds of positions since college. I am now a full time DevOps Engineer at a Fortune 100 company, and want to break into product.ย 

I thought i could try to break in at my current job, but The company I'm currently at has Pm's just run the daily standup and do administrative assistant type work it seems, while paying them roughlyย 75k to do so. If anybody has advice on how to get a chance, even at an associate level.

Thanks so much!
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Do you have the ability to write some user stories? I would recommend thinking about the product you're currently working on and see if you can come up with some use cases for a user problem you want to solve.

Think about something that you understand from a DevOps perspective where you could build a solution on the backend and have a UX/UI to support the solution.

Really try to nail down the what and why and the value this feature will accomplish. Is it dollars, time, sales? Once you have those details you already know the how because you're already and engineer.
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This is helpful, thank you. Do you have any recommendations on how to get an interview / become a PM logistically?



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