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Should I get a degree in Data Science or continue to hone on my product skills outside of school.

I've always wanted to go to university, but never really had the chance to when I was younger. During the pandemic I managed to get an apprenticeship for a big tech firm, within the Ad-tech space. And I managed to achieved my apprenticeship. But having a degree is something that I always wanted to achieve, and I have the chance to attend night school to study data science & computing (BSc) Hons. 

Some colleagues have told me that I shouldn't do it, and it would be a distraction from my current role. But I have a feeling it would also bolster my opportunities, outside of my current industry.

Should I go for it? Or just rely on courses & resources that are already available to me online? 

I should also mention that I've always wanted to start my own business within the tech space also. And this would give me a solid foundation before I did that. 
AvocadopmProduct Manager a year ago
That’s a great question. I think you have to think of it in terms of trade offs. I think a degree is certainly valuable, especially if it’s something you feel you need. People often under estimate their subconscious, but it’s extremely important. In an interview, presentation, debate, even a last second shot, your subconscious will ask you if you deserve it. If you feel you’re unworthy than you won’t hit the shot, you’ll hesitate on the presentation, you’ll stumble in the interview, etc. So it’s important you deal with that first. Having said that, I don’t think university is necessary if you have a plan for a startup. Personally, I would go for it and invest 1 hour a day on subjects you’re interested in to make you more well rounded. History, politics, science, etc.

Back to my first point about trade offs, when you’re young, you don’t have a family and you have an incredible amount of energy, then is the time to invest in a startup, especially if you have a great idea. I would double down on the business idea if you really believe I’m it. If not, then continue learning. Just know ideas don’t come often and it could be twenty years before you get another one. Seize the moment if you truly believe in it. Best of luck ;)



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