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Salary increase for Product Manager

Hi all! Have a question for the community. I'm a PM at the one of the largest companies (Fortune 100). I'm a manager, and have 2 direct reports. I have recently got a new associate PM that i haven't hired myself and found out that the salary of that person is the same as mine.

As a manager level PM that owns complex product with 3 tech teams and its strategy, I feel underpaid (140k). I want to talk to my manager, but want to get some feedback from you guys, what would be the best way to approach this conversation.

Thank you!

Pmguy123Product Manager  
Yeah red flags all around here, I’d recommended start interviewing somewhere else or transferring if possible. This manager is going to stifle your comp growth prospects
PravinercsSoftware Engineering Manager  
Could it be that your manager is also paid around 140k, then your salary hike is not happening.



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