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How to…. Jobs??

So....  you are probably like wtf is this... dont worry you will understand at the end.

Im a senior in college who is graduating in May of 2023 with a bachelors in Science (FOS: Cyber Crime). I'm mainly looking for Cybersecurity Analyst / Information specialist jobs but it seems as if no company even wants me.... I know I have the educational values ontop of the experience values (cyber security / IT specialist for a pharmeceutical company). What exactly am I doing wrong? I cant even get an interview which is mind blowing to me. Does anyone on this particular platform have any potential leads? Im just looking to get something straight out of college so I can get my boots on the ground. Anything helps.... thank you all who read this! 

19g6wl3vr35bbEmbedded Systems Software Developer a year ago
How long has it been since you started sending out applications ? My suspicion is that when freeze happens then teams like IT or other enabling teams are stretched or considered a luxury. It could be different in different companies but might be a reason.
F9GXT129Cyber Security a year ago
It has been a couple months. Just note I’m still a senior in college and am looking for a job for when I finally graduate.



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