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Solution Architectย a year ago

Negotiating with Microsoft

I have a few friends in engineering and sales roles at a Microsoft that have provided different experiences with offers.ย  Some say they negotiated and got better offers. Some said the recruiter flat out said Microsoft will not negotiate on any counter offer.

Anyone out there have experience with Microsoft and know if there is some nuance to that? Are you able to negotiate engineering roles but not sales roles. Is it just a matter of the level you are applying for?
goodwiiLLiamRecruiterย a year ago
Hey, recruiter at FAANG here. My experience is as follows: - when the market is hot and hiring is at a premium, companies will be open and WILLING to negotiate for roles that have been deemed first prio. Over the last couple of years, engineering and sales have been top of list regardless of the level. - when the market is cold and hiring is at a standstill, companies will restrict negotiations to roles they deem first prio- namely roles where there is a growth team or there is a crucial skill set. Senior, Director, and exec level roles usually have more room for negotiations as these individuals are less likely to leave. Right now, the directive is take it or leave it. There's SO much talent in the market now that many of us have laid people off. A lot of good people are out there looking for their next role and if there's a fit, then they will get that flexibility.