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Leetcode for Data Scientists and MLE/Applied Scientists

Hi all I am a long time lurker of the community, but this is my first post, I am currently working as a Data Scientist for about 1 year now. I want to slowly transition to an MLE/Applied Research Role, as I feel that's what I am into and want to make a career in. I have been doing some reading and found that Leetcode rounds are used for screening in the initial rounds with later rounds being about ML system design. I come from a non-tech engineering background with a masters in Business Analytics, I am looking for advice/guidance/roadmap in helping me get good at Leetcode and ML Systems Design.

I have heard a lot of people on the community talk about as a good resource to get started on, they launched a new Neetcode Pro tier with lifetime access to content, but it's a bit pricey (I am from India) would you recommend getting them?

A better way to prepare for coding interviews.
buddyjumpsData Scientist a year ago
no I wouldn't. In my experience places that have you go through leetcode evals are really just looking for a SWE on the cheap and you'll be doing data engineering at best and at worst big fixing existing code. You can post portfolio projects and walk through analysis without these speed based testing.



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