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Business Analyst a year ago

Need advice about career in Product and Fintech (Payments)

Hello community.

I am a business consultant for a fintech in Khi for last 1.5 years. Before coming into this domain, I worked in finance with another fintech for 2.5 years. Due to a domain shift in my career, I am still taking time to learn the things from a technical point of view. My manager didnt helped me much though. Infact I am not given any work for a few months and excluded from meetings very frequently. 

Just a few weeks ago they told me about hiring a technical author in team for which I showed willingness to switch to that role. They are agree on it as well. 

Now, the question:

I want to set my foot in the Product domain in next 3 years. Do you people think I would be able to achieve my target with a non-CS degree (I have MBA Finance) and a TA role for probably next one year?
suchae0Product Manager a year ago
So if I'm understanding, 1) you are currently in a technical analyst role and have a non-technical background 2) you would like to stay in this role for the next year 3) and your question is, will this role help you get into a product role?
FKBusiness Analyst a year ago
Yes. You're correct



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