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Is it possible to become staff/principle engineer from mobile dev

Hi, I'm working as a mobile dev for 6 years and now I'm thinking about future career steps. 

I'm changing the job form outsourcing company to one that working on his own cloud product.

I'm thinking about steps that I have to do or courses I have to learn then one day become staff engener.

Do you guys think it's possible to become good staff and then principle engener with focus on mobile, or it's required to get some backend skills and I have to pay more attention on system design and networking topics?
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TyvsmithSoftware Engineer  
Yes, but quite rare, because the higher levels need a bigger scope and impact that is often available only as a mobile eng. At most companies, or in most teams at big companies, there isn't enough scope and impact to do that while staying isolated in one client domain. Staff and Principle are more about leading others, and business alignment than pure tech depth in a platform. So it's more typical that mobile folks go wider across several areas, like all clients, or a portfolio or product areas.