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Looking for remote position 🔎

Hey guys, I am looking for a remote position on contractor basis, I am based in Spain.
I would be glad to have a referral.
I  have 8 years of experience and worked as within product based company as within outsoursing/outstaff companies.

Lets connect 🙋🏼‍♂️- https://linkedin.com/in/ilgam-gaysin

Tech stack: Ruby, Typescript, React, Vue

By the way, how is the marking feeling right now? 
I thought the economical crisis would raise amount of remote positions instead onsite ones, what do you think?
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BifidosiSoftware Engineer  
For most companies, the current macroeconomic conditions are a reason to let people go. The easiest way to do that without needing to announce layoffs, which are bad for business, is to force people back into the office and let people quit on their own. Read up on RTO, if that’s news to you. Obviously, those same companies can’t currently advertise remote jobs, if they have open positions at all right now. Having said that, there are still companies hiring for remote positions. It’s just much less than during pandemic heights.



Software Engineer