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Another agency wanting to take over contract?

Bay Area C2H (12 month contract) working for a leading tech company. I was hired through 2 agencies. The first agency is the on campus agency who is my direct contact for reviews, etc, and the second agency that actually pays me is not local and only handles payroll, which has been chaotic to say the least. I’m new to contract work in tech and long term goal is getting hired full time internal employee.

My contact at the second agency left for a new company due to many issues with payments, but my contact is trying to recruit me, saying they can talk to the first on campus agency and have them move my contract to the new agency.

Does anyone know of or have experience with this?

Anything I should be asking them or that I should weary of?

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I would double check your current contract agreement with the second agency because there might be some sort of non-compete or penalty for breaking the contract early that you'll want to be aware of. It's not likely to be a financial penalty, but moreso something like ineligibility to be re-hired. I'd also confirm with your first agency (the on-campus agency) that it's a potentially legitimate move. The company might have a specific contract with your current agency that prevents them from working with other agencies, so if you jump ship, you might also be ineligible for hire at that company on a contract