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Breaking into Cybersecurity

Hi everyone,

I recently saw a TikTok that introduced me to this website. Fairly new grad here, I graduated in May of 2022. My major was Business with a concentration in Management Information Systems (MIS). I landed my first salary job working for a software company. I started in Customer Success and recently got promoted to Product Support. However, I am eager to transition into another field. If anyone has any advice on how to break into cybersecurity, please advise!

Nothing is irrelevant! I would love to know about any entry level job openings, necessary certifications, salary expectations, interview tips, best companies to work for, etc. Anything would help me more than you'll ever know!

SteelFoxgloveSecurity Analyst at Google 
TryHackMe.com is one of the best learning resources out there, can take you from Zero to Hero. They have a free version, and if you decide you like it and want more, it’s 10 bucks a month, cancel anytime

Unless you have a very specific reason, I generally avoid recommending cyber security bootcamps, they usually prepare you for the Sec+ and there are just TONS of amazing free resources in addition to the official CompTIA certmaster learning material.

Boot camps can go for 10k with all kinds of wild promises. The cert to test is around 450 ish dollars if I recall.

Professor Messer on YouTube should be required material, is so good and solid, oh and free.

So much more to talk about depending on what you are interested in, it’s a very large field, saying you want to break into cyber is like saying you want to break into cars.

Do you like fixing cars? Do you like selling cars? Do you like building Cars, the analogy goes on and on.