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Software Engineering Manager  

How to transition from staff engineer to software manager?


I'm a staff engineer who leads a team(of 10+ reports) that does software qa and test automation. My manager tells me that I'm a software engineering manager and I don't need to worry about changing the title. I'm also not getting clear answers on how to grow managerially. But I have been told multiple times I hire really well and coach my teams to perform great as well because of which I was tasked to staff other BUs by interviewing and train other managers on the same 

I'm good with python/c++ but I don't have a development experience but have test framework and automation experience of 7 years. I want to switch to an engineering management role. What's the best way I can do that? What should be my expectations? Is it correct to say that I'm already a software engineering manager if I hire, set goals, perform yearly reviews, drive projects and support technical solution design for test automation?

Yoe: 10.5 
Years managing a team :3+ 
Tc : 170k
nigirigambaSite Reliability Engineer  
out of curiosity, do your reports have a software development or QA/testing background. Just wondering if Engineering Manager would be the same as a QA Manager.
19g618l2gwwp1wSoftware Engineering Manager  
My reports have test framework and automation test background.