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How much time is enough/expected to learn a new framework for a new project

I've recently had a project dropped in my lap in Java EE with Struts 2 and Hibernate. How long I have hasn't been clearly specified so I wanted to see what my peers might think.

I am primairly a C# .NET developer just as a bonus piece of info. I've 1 year of experience in total alongside 2 professional title diplomas (think trade school but for strictly programming and system design) at the level of a Bachelor's degree that I acquired after preparing a body of work based on a realized project that has to be presented in front of a jury. (I live in France)
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Not what you asked, but hopefully saves you some unhappiness: A lot of your efforts while learning existing code and its frameworks are invisible. A key CYA/personal risk mitigation will be transparency about what you're actually doing each week/every few days, ideally in emails, docs or other artifacts you can refer to at review time.
(This can be a helpful habit for other reasons, eg being able to search through what you learned when you need to refer back for any other reasons, too.)
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This is definitely helpful though, I appreciate the tip I’m gonna keep it in mind



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